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IP Global provides a variety of services.  As a sampling, we offer:

Customized Software solutions, meaning we can write simple code that gives you a personalized user interface for your intranet, or we can develop a custom intranet for your company.

We have a product called "Live Helper" that we can customize enabling you to offer online real time customer support via chat, 24x7.

We have a reservation service product we customize enabling you to reserve space and keep track of your usage.

Web Development

Our web development tools are designed to support your team with intranets, extranets and unique value added resources for your site.

Merchant Services Group

Though our merchant services group, you are provided with new and creative tools to sell your services while minimizing your overhead.

Our partnership with TransFirst provides a depth of knowledge and experience that helps professionals create efficiencies with their transaction processing services without sacrificing customer relationships or the bottom line.

We have developed proven products and in-house systems to meet your unique needs - and we deliver these products with unparalleled service and commitment to your business.

The TRANSFIRST Advantage

  • Multiple authorization networks and processing methods
  • Experienced and dedicated sales staff support
  • Electronic application submission
  • Online access for application tracking system
  • Comprehensive online reporting available 24/7
  • Automated in-house chargeback/retrieval processing system with 24-hour turnaround
  • 24/7 in-house Merchant HelpDesk
  • 48-hour merchant settlement

In other words, we have business to business solutions.  Some are ready to go, others require customizing for your specific application.

Our goal is to provide your with the tools and technology to enhance your business efficiency and profitablity.

Call us today at 800-889-3692.


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